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Top 5 reasons we love Skagit Valley in the early summer

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Top 5 reasons we love Skagit Valley in the early summer

We think there’s a reason every season to celebrate the natural beauty of Skagit Valley. Here’s our Top 5 reasons we love late spring and early summer at Skagit Acres.

  1. The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival reminds us that our region provides world class growing conditions for flowers, either acre by acre or flower bed by flower bed. We know how to do color right! 
  2. We’ve got perfect gardening weather. It’s not too hot (and we all know anything over 72 degrees is Arizona hot) or too cool and we’ve moved on from the seemingly endless gray and wet forecasts we’ve “enjoyed” since November.
  3. Sales. Because when we see a good deal we buy lots of them. Then we have lots of them. Then you get to buy lots of them at a discount. Everyone wins. It’s great. 
  4. We never know just how many begonias (or insert whatever flowers we thought we’d need more of but didn’t get until too late) and these babies don’t store very well so we put them on sale (see #3) 
  5. Our energetic and knowledgeable team is RARING to help you take your yard or garden to the next level. Bring your questions and ideas and set our dream workers to task! 
  6. Gifts. Yes we said the Top 5 reasons but really, #6 is a gift, because our gift shop has an amazing selection of gifts for Dads and Grads as well as “Just Because” and “I’m Sorry” gifts as well (if you’re unfamiliar with the last two categories please ask our delightful sales associates for some insight and they will explain how and when these gifts might spark a little more joy in your day).

If you’ve been down to the Acres recently you’ve probably noticed quite a few upgrades and enhancements around the grounds and greenhouses and the we’ve got our wonderful and tireless crew and design team to thank for all of that. Don’t hesitate to let any one of our staff know what you think of your experience with us and drop us an email at [email protected] with any feedback or suggestions on how we might continue to improve.

Yours in gifts and garden,
The Skagit Acres Team