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About us

The Skagit River delta is world-famous for its rich soils and spectacular natural beauty. Nestled between the Cascade foothills and the Salish Sea, the Skagit Valley has for millenia been a place of abundance and refuge, of gathering and growing and it is in this spirit that the Skagit Valley Gardens is recasting itself as Skagit Acres. 

Purchased in June of 2020 by Spinach Bus Ventures, a local group of Mount Vernon High School Classmates, with a goal of orienting the focus of the business towards the magic of Skagit Valley and embracing the chance to build on both the legacy of the farming, forestry and fishing that makes Skagit unique and stand on the shoulders of what Gary Lorenz (the former owner) built at Skagit Valley Gardens. 

With sweeping vistas of Mount Baker to the north and the treelined Skagit River to the west, customers and guests are immediately immersed in nature and natural systems. In Skagit Valley, nature rules and heals, and we hope our guests can feel that. Our mission is to connect people with natural beauty and living systems and promote an abundance mindset. The law of the harvest is alive and well at Skagit Acres, with our primary crop being connection.

We are Skagit Acres.