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Chorizo breakfast burrito

tillamook cheddar, black beans, red onion, corn, green chilis, scrambled egg, flour tortilla $7.00

Sweet Potato breakfast burrito 

tillamook cheddar, black beans, bell pepper, scrambled egg, flour tortilla $6.50 ( V)

Breakfast Biscuit Sandwiches

Choice of: $7.50 
 - Jack Mountain bacon or breakfast sausage, Tillamook cheddar, egg
 - creamy roasted red pepper cheese spread, egg, spinach, pickled red onion

Granola Parfait 

house made granola, Bow Hill Farms blueberries, honey greek yogurt $5.00

Whidbey Island Bagels

 choices of garlic-parmesan, rosemary-chive, cranberry-orange comes with plain cream cheese $3.00( V) add bacon cream cheese or cinnamon brown sugar for .50

Housemade seasonal streudel

 cream cheese frosting $4.00


Sandwiches comes with Tim’s cascade chips- add cup of tomato soup- $3
sub chips for side salad- $4.00

The Landing Grilled cheese 

Tillamook white cheddar & cheddar, mozzarella cheeses toasted on Avenue Bread sourdough with garlic-mayo butter $7.50 ( V)
 - * add jack mountain ham $2.00 *

House made tomato soup

 comes with fresh Avenue bakery bread- $6.00 ( VV without the bread)

Beef Bourguignon hand pie 

red wine braised beef, carrots, leeks, parmesan inside buttery dough baked until golden brown- comes with a side salad $13

Roasted turkey

 in house roasted turkey, roasted red pepper cream cheese, green leaf, dijon mustard, Whidbey Island Garlic parmesan bagel $11.50 * toasted bagel on request

Cajun spiced shrimp BLT 

cajun spiced prawns tossed with tangy mayo & chopped pickle, Jack Mountain bacon, thickly cut tomato, fresh bibb lettuce , croissant roll $14

Olive tapenade & fresh cucumber spring roll

spinach, pickled red onions, fresh tomatoes , roasted red pepper puree, with a tzatziki dipping sauce comes with Morrocan carrot soup $12.00 ( VV & gluten-less )

Herb Roasted Chicken Salad 

mixed greens, fresh apple, pickled red onions, Tillamook white cheddar, sourdough croutons, whole grain vinaigrette- comes with Avenue bread $14

Wheatberry salad

Fairhaven Mill wheatberries, Bow hill pickled blueberries, roasted sweet potato, sauteed kale, orange segments, candied pecans, rosemary vinaigrette ( VV) $14

The Acres Greens salad

fresh cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, bell pepper , snap peas- comes with the choice of rosemary vinaigrette or ranch served with avenue bread $9 * add herb roasted chicken $3.00